Sep, 2014

The Several Types of Construction Formwork

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Types of construction formwork used by the construction industry in China is mainly wooden construction formwork, steel and wood construction formwork, construction wood plastic sheet, steel bamboo construction formwork, plastic construction formwork.

Construction formwork features:
Wooden construction formwork Features: more wood consumption, low efficiency of re-use, but easy to use, high efficiency.


Steel and wood Construction Formwork: you can take full advantage of the short wood and many times turnover.

Construction wood plastic sheet: high strength, small weight, does not warp, does not crack and plate width seam.

Steel bamboo construction formwork: Steel, not easily deformed, light weight, easy to operate.

Steel Construction Formwork: the largest investment in high turnover, should be noted that in the course of the custody and maintenance, to prevent rust to extend the life of the construction of steel formwork.

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