Service & Support

Project Engineering and Consulting

For construction contractors, we can provide service of scaffolding engineering and quantity estimation. This job will require detailed project CAD drawing for our engineer to layout the scaffolding according to your floor plans. If your project is small-sized like family house, approximate dimensions like floor height, floor numbers and total areas must be shared to us. Besides, we also need to know the purpose of using scaffolding if it is for access platform or concrete support as different components will be selected.


Quality Tracking

For every order goods, we will control the quality from the raw material to finished products. Before shipment, we will once again check if the condition and quantity of goods are the same as indicated in contract. Through the whole production procedure, we will update any progress to our customer. If necessary, we can send our goods samples to the third party appointed by customer for material and safety test.


Logistic Service

Before order confirmed, our sales can figure out the best container load plan in consideration of the total weight and volume of scaffold. When production is completed, we will book shipment in advance and arrange loading container. The shipping company and sailing time can be chosen by customer. Afterwards, we will tack the shipment at all times and notify customer to prepare import matters when container is about to arrive at your port.


After-sales Tracking

Our service doesn’t end after you get your goods but we will contact you for any feedback on the service condition of our products at your market or construction site. We would like to know if our products works safely and smoothly for your construction work. Meanwhile, we also care if you assemble the scaffolds in the right ways to avoid casualties. If there is any quality problem, we will immediately take action to find out the real causes and make certain compensations if it is our fault.