Steel Formwork

Product Description:

Steel formwork is a steel mold for construction concrete casting. It is made of steel face plate with certain build-in strengthening ribs and flanges. Formwork panels can be fabricated in different sizes and connected with clips to form any shape of concrete.



  1. Rapid assembly with unique fittings
  2. Longer working life, reusable for about 200 times
  3. High pressure carrying capacity and rigidity
  4. Flat face plate, smooth concrete finish, easy to take off from the concrete
  5. Water proof and anti-corrosion
  6. Modular size, high degree of accuracy



Steel formwork often comes in flat or right-angled panel, normally used for slab, beam, column, wall, stair and foundation of reinforced concrete construction. Actually, steel formwork can be customized for various odd shape concrete structure like circular column and splay wall. For some extreme heavy concrete structure like bridge pier, tunnel, road etc, steel formwork must be used instead of traditional plywood.

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