Ringlock Scaffolding

Product Description:

Ringlock scaffolding or layher scaffolding is up to now the most advanced all round wedge lock type scaffolding system. It consists of four basic components: vertical standard, horizontal ledger, diagonal brace and base collar.



High stability and security, safe access for high-rise building

Flexible structure, universal joints, almost adaptable for any shape of construction

Easy to install and disassemble, ideal solution for temporary structure

Vertical standards are joint securely by clip pin.

mostly in hot dip galvanized surface, high rust-resistance, longer working life


Application: Ringlock scaffolding is very suitable for high-rise building as the system is offering high stability. Apart from normal building construction, ringlock scaffolding is also used as working platform for ship making, oil and gas mining, aviation industry etc. In some developing countries, people even use ringlock scaffolding as show stage, view stand, light truss or other temporary steel structures.

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