Kwikstage Scaffolding

Product Description:

Kwikstage scaffolding, also known as quickstage scaffolding, is up to now the most advanced wedge fix scaffolding system mainly used as access and support for various construction situations. It has been widely used in Australia, Africa and South America.

Kwikstage system only consists of 4 basic components:standard,ledger,connector and diagonal brace.



Ease and fast speed of erection and dismantling

Versatile size and structure available.

Different load capacity by spacing its components differently.

High support loading capacity and flexibility.

Time saving and labour saving.

All parts joint securely by special couplings, system remain stable on uneven ground

Safe working platform with hook board and ladder

Rapid cycling use, shorten construction time.

Connection parts with long welding line ensures high shear resistance

Labour and time saving


Applications: kwikstage scaffolding mainly applies to flat concrete slab formwork support of large civil construction. It can also be used as safe working access for facade fabrications,industrial maintenance,machinery installation,. In recent years, builders like to erect kwikstage scaffolding tower for high road and bridge pier construction works in consideration of its high stability. In entertainment industry, kwikstage is the equipment for stage platform or seating stand. With different accessories, kwikstage have different functions. In a word, kwikstage is fully versatile.

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