H Frame Scaffolding

Product Description:

H frame scaffolding is a conventional tubular prefabricated welded framework that serves as vertical post and horizontal bearer. It consist of three basic components: main frame ,cross brace and joint pin.



Light weight and easy to handle.

One man can erect a whole set of frame scaffold without additional tools in seconds.

Mobile scaffolding platform with walk board and caster wheels

Easy to walk through at construction site

Different configuration available for different load capacity and working height


Applications: h frame scaffolding is usually used as access platform for plaster, painting and maintenance job. It can form a tower for equipment installation or roof decoration works at height. The whole frame scaffold can be easily moved with castors. In Asia, builders also like to use frame scaffolding system to support concrete formwork by adding u head jack on top of frame. The load capacity of frame system can be increased by shorten distance between each frames. However, h frame is more suitable for external building job due to its structural design.

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