Middle East Adjustable Steel Prop

Product Description:

Middle East Type adjustable steel prop is a single adjustable steel tubular support for concrete slab and beam formwork. As the prop is adjustable, it almost can reach any height of floor slab within its extension range.This type prop is widely used in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa construction.


Basic components:

A smaller inner tube is put into a larger outer tube. A prop adjuster is a large diameter screw thread with a collar nut and a loose pin which is fitted on the outer tube. The screw thread  provides a fine adjustment in a short range. The loose pin through a series of holes in the inner tube gives a wider range of coarse adjustment. The base plate on the inner tube holds the formwork while the plate on the outer tube stabilize the steel prop on the ground.



No ledger needed, large working space through the props

quick to erect and adjust

Different height available

Load capacity varies by using different tube diameter and thickness

Material saving, cost effective

Flexible to use at any place of construction site



Adjustable props are mostly used to shore formwork during concrete pouring until it is cured. Many constructers like to use steel prop instead of access scaffolding for building support because of the ease of erection and material saving. Sometimes, when concrete is forming, props can be used to support the concrete for several days to prevent deformation after system scaffold is removed. A typical use of prop is to temporarily support any existing horizontal structure when its original posts are removed or repaired. Even though the adjustable prop is designed for vertical support, it can even be horizontal support between two vertical walls.

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