Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Yongli scaffold?

Different styles of scaffoldings has different cost. Besides, the price is influenced by specification, quantity and the time when you order. Our sales will offer you best quote based on your specific requirement.

What style of scaffold and how many I should buy for my project?

Based on your construction job requirements and site dimension, our engineer will recommend the most proper scaffolding style and list which components must be used, together with estimated quantity.

By which unit do you sell the scaffolding?

We normally sell scaffolding by piece or set. Sometimes, we can also sell per ton or square meter if customer requires.

What is the material of your scaffolding and formwork?

For now our scaffolding & formwork is only made from high tensile steel.

Which type of container should be used to load scaffolding? 20’or 40’? How many scaffolding can be put in one container?

We will calculate the total weight and CBM of scaffold system and see which type of container is workable to help you make full use of space and save shipping cost.

Can you train us how to use your scaffolding?

Normally an installation manual with images will be provided to you about how to set up scaffolding safely. During your construction, you can contact us at any time for scaffolding engineering consultancy. If your project is quite large, we can even send our engineer to supervise and train your workers at your construction site.

What is the HS code of scaffold & formwork?


Can we choose any color on the scaffolding surface?

For painting colors, we have red, green, blue, orange and yellow for your choices. We can also try to paint other colors as per customer’s demand.

What is the usual delivery time of your products?

It usually takes 20 days to get goods ready but we can delivery within 10 days if customer need it urgently.

What is the package of scaffolding & formwork? Can we put our labels on the package?

Our products are usually in bundle with steel strip and pallet. Sometimes the scaffolding can be even nude in container to make more room. We can paint your logo or brand names directly on the surface of scaffolding or formwork.


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